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spring summer 2016

While working on our casting, we at Julia June were moved by the story of one particular model. When we decided to work with Lauren for our next campaign, it made sense. Julia June does not bother about standards or rules, but lives her own way, choses it's own path. Lauren's strength and unconventional beauty is an inspiration for all of us, especially for Julia June. And beauty standards are so passé, right?

At the age of 24, Lauren Wasser was both a model and an athlete. Lauren lived in Santa Monica where she played basketball, cycled 50 km per day and fully embraced the Los Angeles glitzy social scene. On the evening of October 3rd 2012, she became unwell. That night, Lauren got TSS - Toxic Shock Syndrome. As a result of this Lauren sadly lost her right leg and a part of her left foot.

Today, 3 years later, Lauren inspires a lot of girls and women worldwide. After dealing with the amputation and all the pain, she decided to accept her new life. Lauren has started modelling again and coaches a basketball team. She feels more beautiful than she's ever been.

"You know, it just made me a better person…" Lauren Wasser


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